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Beverage Trends

2019 and Beyond

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Health and wellness continue to drive change throughout the beverage industry as consumers look to beverages for improved energy, stress reduction, digestion benefits, and extra nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and protein. This year’s trends include matcha, drinking vinegars, hybrid beverages, and clean label energy drinks.

The beverage industry continues to evolve as it addresses consumers’ growing interest in health and wellness. Juice and soda sales have slowed, and milk sales are declining, while bottled water has become the most popular ready-to-drink beverage among adults. Ready-to-drink coffees and teas also continue to do well.

Since consumers have come to expect more than just hydration and nutrition from their beverages, those that offer a health benefit are getting their attention. But a good nutrition label and ingredient statement is not the only criteria for purchase. Consumers expect great taste and love to try new flavors.

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