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The Changing Face of


Sports Nutrition Trends for 2018 and Beyond


The sports nutrition industry, once geared narrowly towards elite athletes and bodybuilders, is expanding to reach new markets. As the baby boomer generation ages, active lifestyle trends grow, and more and more health-conscious consumers look for convenience products that suit their on-the-go schedules, the market for sports nutrition has broadened. An industry that used to speak almost entirely to serious male athletes aged 15 to 35 now courts older customers, female customers, casual athletes, and other consumers looking for products to boost their health.

Today, the sports nutrition market includes not just competitive athletes, but people from all walks of life who are becoming increasingly active and health conscious. A recent Gallup survey1 found that Americans are exercising more often than they used to, and the 2015 Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey2 shows that consumers
are increasingly focused on personal health and lifestyle issues, especially weight loss and maintenance through both diet and exercise.

These healthy lifestyle trends have opened up opportunities for the sports nutrition industry,

which is geared towards helping people use nutritional supplements to achieve peak performance potential. The business is now focused on improving nutritional intake for both athletes and casual exercisers to boost not only performance, endurance, and muscle growth, but also general health and well-being. As a result, consumer demand is growing for performance food and beverage products. Here are some valuable insights that can help food and beverage manufacturers capitalize on these trends.

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