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Selecting Nutrient Forms for Formulation


Wilkinson illustrates that navigating a complex set of variables is key to formulating a product that will be successful in the marketplace.

Expertise and experience can help food and supplement manufacturers avoid costly errors, such as: inappropriately high overages which overrun price points, off-flavors impacting consumer acceptance, and potential recalls due to product not meeting label claim.

Topics addressed:

  • When formulating dietary supplements or fortified foods, formulators must consider the chemical and physical properties of each micronutrient to be used, as well as its compatibility with the finished product.
  • The overages necessary to compensate for processing and storage losses must be built into the formulation.
  • Selecting the right nutrient form for your end product application. 
  • Considerations include: cost, solubility, effect on flavor profile, overages, GMO positioning, color, stability and interactions or degradation of nutrients. 
  • Finished product attributes which impact nutrient form selection are also addressed, including shelf life, packaging, processing, the end market positioning and label claim goals.