How important is continuing education in the workplace?

Technology moves at a very rapid pace, and food industry professionals are expected to be ahead of the curve. Those open to continual learning and professional development position themselves to be more flexible, provide more value and innovative energy to an organization.

  • Making sure employees have the skills and competencies they need to succeed and contribute to the company’s growth are crucial steps to staying competitive.

New Year’s resolutions that focus on career success

Each year resolutions come around, and when thinking about career resolutions specifically, some of the same items make the list over and over again.

  1. Learn a new skill – Learn something that will make you more valuable in the years to come. Pick a topic that is of interest to you and make time for it. Your personal development is a priority.
  2. Read industry news every morning – Before work every day, read about what is happening in the food industry.

Collaboration and sharing: Watson is a high quality supplier of ingredients for the food industry. We are leader in innovation and technology and we believe in the sharing of information, ideas, and solutions with all industry stake holders.

We hope you will use the discovery tool kit below to learn more about topics that interest and impact you.

nutrient-form.jpgSelecting Nutrient Forms for Formulation

This webinar entitled, “Selecting Nutrient Forms for Formulation of Fortified Foods, Beverages and Dietary Supplements”, is the first in a series of five on-demand webinars. You can start with this link and watch all of the videos in order, or use the links below to jump to the chapter you want. Watch Now>

particle-size.jpgParticle Size Adjustment

Our post is designed to help learn more about when you should consider changing the particle size of a nutrient to change its shape, increase the size, or decrease the size. Read More>

microencapsulation-technology.jpgMicroencapsulation Technology

Our 15 minute on-demand webinar is designed to help you learn more about microencapsulation technologies such as hot melt, solvent, aqueous coat, and spray drying. Each has a set of unique properties, benefits, and applications. Watch now>

triturations.jpgTrituration Vs. Blend

This 4 minute on-demand webinar explains the differences between a true trituration and a blend. Watch Now>

why-use-a-premix.jpgWhy Premixes

This Webinar, entitled, “Why Nutrient Premixes?”, is the fifth and final webinar in a series of five on-demand webinars. Watch now>

gary-wada-video.jpgTop Spray Fluidized Bed Granulation

  • Introduction to Fluidized Bed Granulation.
  • Equipment specifics that affect granulation.
  • The mechanics of Fluid Bed granulation.
  • And More!

Watch Now>

choosing-premix-supplier.jpgChoosing a Premix Supplier

Overall, choosing a premix supplier requires a significant amount of research. Factors such as testing, formulation expertise, quality, equipment used, and appropriate staff are factors to consider.  Read more now>