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IFT 2020
Chicago, IL
July 13-15, 2020

What is the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo?

Thousands of food scientists, R&D professionals, suppliers, marketers, and others from around the globe join news reporters at this event annually. They come to learn about the driving forces behind the innovations and trends affecting consumers, as well as the growers, processors, regulators, and researchers who contribute to the food supply, both in the U.S. and abroad. Don't miss out! Join Watson and thousands of other exhibitors New Orleans for IFT19.

6 Super Cool Things to do at Watson IFT booth #3240

Emoji Edible Glitter Featuring Watson technology

Eat an Emoji – Golden poop anyone?

Try a delicious cookie decorated with our Edible Glitter Emojis.  (And yes, we really do have the poop emoji in gold!)  If that is too much for you, we also have smiley faces, pink lips, hearts, ghosts, and other great shapes.  Why? Brands are looking for ways to create memorable experiences and make emotional connections with their customers.  Emojis make it easy! Learn more here.

Sol-U-Pak beverage concept shown at trade show

Watch Edible Packaging Dissolve Before Your Very Eyes!

Sol-U-Pak TM filled with powdered drink mixes and/or protein powders provide the ultimate single-serve convenience.   What is a Sol-U-PakTM, you ask?  A Sol-U-PakTM is a pouch that is soluble in cold water, made entirely of edible packaging film. All components of this film have FDA approval for food use.  Learn more here.

Edible Glitter concepts at IFT Annual Meeting

Find the Next Unicorn!

OK, so maybe unicorns are so … last week.  But Edible GlitterTM is ready to conjure up the next mythical creature or color combo that will be trending in the future.  Come to the booth and see what Edible Glitter can do, and the meantime, check this out.

Clear beverages using BetaClear IFT conecept

Microscopic Magic-Mirror Tricks

No more orange beverages (unless of course, you want orange, that is!) You can now have a clear beverage or a white milk-based beverage that contains a significant level of beta-carotene.  (You’ve got to love cool science and technology!  This is our microscopic magic-mirror trick, but in this case, it’s a colloidal dispersion that tricks the eye of the beholder because it is light scattering.  The end result – you can add Beta-Carotene without adding color!
Potassium fortified nutrition bar for IFT19 Prototype

Follow your Heart

Try one of our healthy heart bars, fortified with Watson’s encapsulated potassium.  Did you know that the vast majority of Americans are NOT consuming adequate amounts of potassium? Less than 2% are meeting the recommendations for this vital nutrient, and the average intake is only 55% of the recommended amount. Since potassium helps regulate things like heartbeat and blood pressure, it’s no wonder the FDA is making potassium a mandatory label nutrient on the new nutrition label.  The challenge to food formulators is that potassium tastes - well, terrible - and negatively impacts the flavor of food.  Watson solves this challenge with our microencapsulation technology that effectively masks the flavor of potassium.  Learn more about potassium here.

Power Sparks Popping Crystals Logo for Watson prototype

Put Some Pep in your Step!

One of the big trends right now is sensory. How do you engage all the consumers’ senses, or at least as many as you can? Try a sample of our Popping Energy Crystals in blue raspberry.  Our “Power Sparks” are formulated with a Watson energy premix which delivers the power of B vitamins, Dynamine™ (Dynamine™ is a trademark of Compound Solutions, Inc.) and Caffeine.  Dynamine™ is methylliberine, a purine alkaloid found in the kucha tea leaf.  Watson utilizes microencapsulation technology to mask the bitter flavor associated with both Dynamine™ and Caffeine.  For our “Power Sparks” formulation, we used fractionated palm as the encapsulation matrix.  Fractionated palm, a non-hydrogenated oil, is a great choice for products positioned as non GMO and responsibly sourced.

Put it all together and “Power Sparks” is an energizing treat that invigorates you with a fizzing and popping sensation.  It delivers a sophisticated, energizing blend of actives that provides lasting energy and mental focus, with a blue raspberry flavor that will wake the palate with its sweet and fruity aroma.   

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4 Super Smart Things to do at IFT

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