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IFT | 2019

Booth Number 3240

Join Watson at the International Food Technology Trade Show in New Orleans, LA.

June 3 - June 5, 2019

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What is the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo

Thousands of food scientists, R&D professionals, suppliers, marketers, and others from around the globe join news reporters at this event annually. They come to learn about the driving forces behind the innovations and trends affecting consumers, as well as the growers, processors, regulators, and researchers who contribute to the food supply, both in the U.S. and abroad. Don't miss out! Join Watson and thousands of other exhibitors at Sands Expo in Las Vegas for IFT18.

Click here to learn more about the Institute of Food Technologists and IFT Food Expo.

Going to IFT? What are your goals for the show?

  1. Stimulate new ideas and creative development

    Stop by our booth and try a sample of one of three new prototype bars that were developed for the 2018 IFT showcase.

    • Whole Food Nutrition Bar – We have designed a snack bar with a label-friendly whole food premix.
    • Brain health bar — formulated with nutrients including choline and iodine for brain health.
    • Energy bar — formulated to provide sustained energy.


    Try a sample of vitamin gummies made with Watson’s microencapsulated nutrients.


    • Watson’s Microencapsulated Nutrients designed Especially for Gummies
      • Reduce overages – saves money
      • Saves space, allowing more load in the gummy
      • Improves stability – reduces degradation
      • Improves flavor profile

    BetaClear™ — Our new and improved BetaClear provides vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene while imparting almost no color to your product.

  2. Learn about what’s hot. What are the new trends, products, ingredients, and resources?

    • Personalized Nutrition – Interested in learning about personalized Nutrition? We have a guide for you! Download it here (or pick up the printed version at our booth).
    • Mainstream Personalized Nutrition — Consumers already try to customize their diets. Products that make this task easier for them will certainly get their attention. A clean label, condition-specific product with a custom macronutrient composition has great potential to bring personalized nutrition into the mainstream — especially with clear messaging that speaks to the target group through health and nutrient-content claims, images, and marketing copy. For example, a gluten-free nutrition bar fortified with turmeric and a joint health nutrient premix!
    • Custom Nutrient premixes can be formulated to meet specific health-condition needs and appeal to consumers looking for these health benefits:
        • Targeted health management of body systems
          • Heart
          • Brain
          • Bones
          • Eyes
          • Joints
          • Gastrointestinal tract
        • Immune system For personal health goals:
          • Weight loss
          • Cholesterol reduction
          • Blood pressure reduction
        • Improved sleep quality for physical or mental enhancement:
          • Energy
          • Strength
          • Focus and attention
          • Memory
  3. Build strategic alliances & get answers from an industry expert.

    Interested in setting up a meeting with Watson? Use the form to the right to request an appointment with our technical sales and innovation teams.

  4. Educational Materials – learn something new!

    At our booth, you will find a selection of industry guides on a range of topics including:

    • Technology – for example, Spray Drying & microencapsulation guides
    • Trends – such as guides to personalized nutrition or pet food trends
    • Nutrition – for example, guides to the label changes, nutrients of concern, choline, beta-glucan and more. You can get a preview of our guides here on our media library.
  5. Have fun. Yes – have fun.

    Nothing gives you more energy than having a good time while learning more about what’s new in the industry you love.

    • Check out our Edible Glitter! Fun for all your food formulations! We even have Emoji shapes!
    • Come see it for yourself at our booth. The possibilities are endless.

The Industries We Serve

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Bakery
  • Infant Nutrition
  • Pet Food
  • Confectionery
  • Health and Personal Care

Stop By Our booth For New and Exciting Ingredients and Technologies!

Get your labeling questions answered by our Experts

Stop by our booth to see 6 innovative product concepts

  1. Sol-U-Pak™ pouches for powdered drink mixes and protein powders. Consumers are looking for convenience and alternative delivery methods. Sol-U-Paks provide the ultimate single serve convenience.
  2. Edible Glitter Emojis™ will help your brand connect with customers on an emotional level. Buying decisions are influenced by emotions and consumers relate to brands with personalities. With Edible Glitter Emojis™, any food or beverage product can be infused with personality!
  3. Edible Glitter™ from plant-based colors. You can have fun, eye-catching color AND a clean label.
  4. BetaClear™ is new and improved! BetaClear provides vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene while imparting almost no color to your product!
  5. Specially-formulated Microencapsulated Nutrients for organic gummy vitamins, beverages, and bars, developed by Watson to reduce processing losses.
  6. Label-Friendly Premixes sample a prototype bar that utilizes a label-friendly premix containing ingredients such as Acerola. Acerola powder is derived from the acerola cherry, one of Nature's most potent sources of vitamin C.


12-nutrientes-you-may-be-missing-infographic.png 12 Nutrients You May Be Missing
Watson Capabilities Capabilities
watson-glitter-technology-thumb.png Edible Glitter
Personalized Nutrition Personalized Nutrition